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fugitive love

101 / 8-Hour Day

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The term “eight-hour day” was first introduced in response to the grueling work-day in the early period of the Industrial Revolution.

Drawing on the collapsible nature of contemporary build-it-yourself furniture and mobile carnival amusements, this project reflects the current necissity to allocate dream-time within the structured framework of the busy work day.

The project exists in three parts, mimicking the contents of a “build-it-yourself” furniture kit - the tool, the instructions, and the materials for assembly. As the viewer walks around the object (s) he is met by their own reflection placing them inside the ticket booth (worker) and underneath the blanket of the bed (dreamer). The Instructions outline a mythic journey towards the objects completion, re-interpreting highlights of success and failure from the 18 hours of documentation. The mythic lense of the objects “story” further emphasizes the tactics used by companies to promote their products.